This is how Amazon’s upcoming smartphone looks like

Amazon's upcoming smartphone

We’ve been telling you about Amazon’s upcoming smartphone for quite some time now. And today we’re glad to you show you how that device will look like, compliments to BGR and its savvy ninjas.

What you can see here is a phone that’s covered by a protective shell to prevent people without authorization from seeing its physical design. That’s a usual practice OEMs are using to keep the excitement before their devices are officially announced.

The good news is that earlier rumored 4 cameras are there, placed around the screen. It is said that these are low-power infrared cameras. Beyond that, the phone will also have a rear camera with 13-megapixel sensor and “regular” front-facing camera used for video calls.

Rest of the specs apparently include a 4.7-inch 720p HD (rather than full HD) screen, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor and 2GB of RAM. Yeah, we would want a bigger display but I guess Amazon’s idea is to make a more pocketable device the vast majority of users, rather than just geeks, want.

In addition, the BGR report also says that following the launch of the flagship model, we’ll also see a more affordable variant that should get even more people hooked to Amazon’s eco-system.

On the software side of things, Amazon is working round the clock to take advantage of those four cameras. Aside from 3D interface, some apps will rely on this tech to display “different side of things” based on the way you’re looking at the screen. So you’ll get 3D icons, different perspectives in maps, fancy 3D wallpapers and so on. Moreover, the company is engaging third-party developers to add an extra dimension to key apps.

Sounds promising and we can’t really wait to try out Amazon’s phone as soon as it’s out. We’re not sure how it will be called, though. Perhaps Fire Phone?

  • FreidaKaplan2

    Fire Phone?

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Or Kindle Phone? 🙂

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