Pinterest app comes to Windows Phone!

Pinterest app comes to Windows Phone

Pinterest is going for Windows Phone users, having launched the official mobile app for Microsoft’s mobile platform. As that’s the case with versions of the app for other popular platforms — as in iOS and Android — Pinterest for Windows Phone allows users to pin interesting stuff they come across around the web, and discover…

Windows Phone gets the official file manager app

Windows Phone gets the official file manager app

Microsoft has finally launched the file manager app for Windows Phone. Available as a free download, Files allows users to access and manage files stored both on the phone and microSD card. You can also search for files, create new ones, as well as move, copy, rename or delete them. If we’re talking about an…

Video: iOS apps running on Nexus 7

iOS apps running on Android

Sounds crazy? Cause it is – but it is possible to run iOS apps on Android. Dubbed “Cider”, this amazing project is a work of few Columbia University students who created a “compatibility layer” that allows natively-coded Objective C apps to run on Android. In this case, they’re demoing it on the latest generation of…

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