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LG G3 Coming to AT&T


AT&T will carry the LG G3, the company announced in a short but sweet press release this morning. AT&T hasn’t detailed exactly when customers will be able to pre-order or purchase the device, or what price points will be. “We are excited to add the LG G3 to AT&T’s leading device portfolio this year. With…

One App to Rule Them All: Microsoft Announces Universal Apps, Will Work on Windows Phones, PCs and Xbox


Microsoft has just announced a sea change in the way we interact with Windows products of all stripes. The company announced Universal Apps on Wednesday, creating an easy way for developers to create apps in Microsoft’s environment that will work across all of Microsoft’s platforms, creating a homogenous app environment. Developers will be able to…

HTC One (M8) Landing on T-Mobile April 11th


While AT&T, Verizon and Sprint have already begun selling the new HTC One (M8), T-Mobile is taking its sweet time stocking the device in its stores. The M8 will be available from T-Mobile retail locations on April 11th, and can be purchased for $0 down and $26.50 per month for 24 months when paired with…

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