Samsung Tizen smartphone launching in India in November?

Samsung Tizen India Launch

It looks like we’ll finally see the very first Tizen-powered smartphone launching in November. According to TizenExperts, at this time Samsung will unveil a smartphone running its own OS in India. This won’t be the earlier announced Samsung Z, but some completely different device that will cater towards folks on a budget. Actually, not one…

Samsung Gear S gets special Diesel Black Gold edition

Samsung Gear S Diesel

Samsung wants its devices to be synonymous with fancy things. So they’ve already teamed-up with Swarovski over a special version of the Gear S smart watch (and many other phones for that matter). Like that’s not enough, now they’re “going to bad” with Diesel to launch the Gear S Diesel Black Gold edition. Said device…

Samsung Z won’t be launched after all

Samsung Z

Sad news for the two of you who were eagerly waiting for the launch of the first Tizen smartphone, Samsung Z. The Korean company has scrapped those plans and will rather turn its attention to lower end Tizen devices, as well as other non-mobile products like smart watches, smart TV and home appliances. According to…

Gold Samsung Z in works

Gold Samsung Z in works

Aside from the “regular” colored Samsung Z models, the Korean company is also working on the gold-colored version. Brought to our attention by the good folks of TizenExperts, this unit looks rather sexy in gold and could thus help Sammy move more units. That said, we’re still waiting to see any Z variant hitting the…

Samsung Galaxy S5 with Tizen OS in works?

Samsung Galaxy S5 with Tizen OS in works?

Samsung may be working on a Tizen-based Galaxy S5 or at least such device has been caught at the Zauba website which tracks imports to India. They list not one but three Galaxy S5 units running Sammy’s own platform rather than Android. It’s unclear whether this device will actually be released or Samsung just wants…

37 new companies join Tizen Association

Tizen Association

Tizen Association is welcoming 37 new companies to its eco-system bringing the total number of partners to 88. Many of the newest members, including Fleksy and Left Lane Network, will be demoing and participating at the Tizen Developer Conference in San Francisco, June 2-4, 2014. “The Tizen Association continues to attract interest and support from…

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