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Xiaomi working to expand to Brazil

Xiaomi working to expand to Brazil

Xiaomi’s next target market isn’t Europe or North America. According to TelecomPaper, the company is next heading to Brazil. The report argues that Apple of China has already opened an office in San Paulo, and has started hiring local staff in preparation to launch their phones in the country. Alas, it’s not that easy to…

Meizu secures $3.23 billion to sell more devices

Meizu store

Meizu has apparently managed to raise no less than 20 billion Yuan (about $3.23 billion) to sell more devices, GizChina is reporting. Said funds will be used to boost R&D efforts, and make more and better devices. On one hand, Meizu plans to launch its next flagship, MX4, this year; and on the other hand,…

Samsung looking to acquire voice tech giant Nuance?

Nuance Communications

Samsung may be looking to acquire Nuance Communications, which makes speech and voice recognition technology that is used across the board, with even Apple using it for its personal assistant app, Siri. Furthermore, Nuance’s technology is also used in many other devices that benefit from voice input, dedicated GPS units (PNDs) being one of them.…

Google looking to acquire curated music service Songza?

Google Scrubbing Search Results

Now that Apple has acquired Beats, rumors have started that Google may be looking to buy a similar service, despite owning and operating its own Play Music service. According to the New York Post piece, the search giant may be interested in acquiring Songza, the 6-year-old Long Island City-based music curation and streaming service with…

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