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Android and Chrome (OS) inching closer together with Google’s VP of Engineering for Android assuming the same role for Chrome

Android - Chrome

At some point in the future we expect to see Android and Chrome OS becoming a single platform. Or something similar, with docked Android smartphones connected to the big screen acting like today’s Chromebooks. Already you can run a select number of Android apps on Chrome OS-powered devices, and apparently that’s just a start. To…

ZTE to acquire Pantech?

Pantech logo

Pantech is looking for buyers, as we’ve reported before. Korea’s third-largest handset maker has recently put its business on sale, and — according to an official from Samjong KMPG — it has received numerous letters of intent for purchase. One of the companies looking to grab the struggling company is China’s ZTE, which is already…

TCL to merge with / acquire HTC? *UPDATE*


HTC has seen better days. What used to be one of the best smartphone makers in the world is now struggling to meet investors’ expectations and stay relevant in the ever competitive mobile market. The Taiwanese company is not only facing Samsung and Apple, but also the emerging players from China like Xiaomi, Meizu and…

Pantech is looking for buyers


South Korea’s number three handset maker, Pantech, has seen better days, having filed for bankruptcy earlier this year. In July, the company asked for a deadline extension for repaying outstanding debt; and in August, despite convincing creditors to extend the repayment deadline by two years interest-free, it filed for court receivership, an equivalent to filing…

Top tech companies looking to invest in/acquire Cyanogen?


With its rock-solid custom Android ROM, Cyanogen has attracted a huge following, with the likes of Oppo and OnePlus even preloading this “flavor” of Android to their high-end handsets. Said huge following and vendors’ willingness to opt for third-party ROMs may be raising eyebrows in Mountain View, whereas the big tech companies are exploring ways…

Xiaomi working to expand to Brazil

Xiaomi working to expand to Brazil

Xiaomi’s next target market isn’t Europe or North America. According to TelecomPaper, the company is next heading to Brazil. The report argues that Apple of China has already opened an office in San Paulo, and has started hiring local staff in preparation to launch their phones in the country. Alas, it’s not that easy to…

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