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Samsung looking to acquire voice tech giant Nuance?

Nuance Communications

Samsung may be looking to acquire Nuance Communications, which makes speech and voice recognition technology that is used across the board, with even Apple using it for its personal assistant app, Siri. Furthermore, Nuance’s technology is also used in many other devices that benefit from voice input, dedicated GPS units (PNDs) being one of them.…

Google looking to acquire curated music service Songza?

Google Scrubbing Search Results

Now that Apple has acquired Beats, rumors have started that Google may be looking to buy a similar service, despite owning and operating its own Play Music service. According to the New York Post piece, the search giant may be interested in acquiring Songza, the 6-year-old Long Island City-based music curation and streaming service with…

Nokia acquires Desti to boost HERE Maps

Nokia acquires Desti to boost HERE Maps

Now that it has sold off its devices division to Microsoft, Nokia is looking elsewhere for growth opportunities. One of the areas they still own is HERE Maps which will apparently hit multiple platforms in the near future. We’re talking about iOS and Android, providing users with alternative to the dominant Google Maps service. As…

Samsonite acquires case maker Speck for $85 million

Samsonite acquires case maker Speck for $85 million

Samsonite is entering the mobile market by acquiring Speck, one of the biggest phone and tablet case makers, in a deal worth $85 million. “The acquisition offers Samsonite the opportunity to participate in the large and growing smartphone-case market, which in the U.S. alone is estimated to be worth $2.3 billion, as well as in…

Apple acquires Beats Audio, now what?

Beats Audio

All those rumors were true, Apple went for Beats Audio and got it for $3 billion, which is $200 million less than what was previously suggested. Of the complete sum, $400 million of that amount will vest over time. And as part of the deal, Beats Audio’s co-founders, Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre, will be…

Google acquires Divide to make Android more secure

Google acquires Divide to make Android more secure

As part of its enterprise play to bring Android to places it hasn’t been before, Google is acquiring Divide — former Enterproid — to make its mobile platform more secure. Backed by venture arms of Google, Comcast and Qualcomm – Divide relies on containers to keep part of user’s data securely stored on a device,…

PayPal now Accepted on the Google Play Store


Google has finally added PayPal support to the Google Play Store, allowing users to make purchases easily with their PayPal balances. That includes Play Store offerings such as apps, songs, movies, TV shows and even in-app purchases can be made with PayPal. The feature is available in twelve countries, three of them being the U.S.,…

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