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Nokia Cancels Ovi Unlimited Music Service


After running since 2008, Nokia’s “Comes with Music” service, which provided unlimited tunes for a year from Ovi for a significant markup on handsets, has been canceled in 27 countries. China (where it’s DRM-free), India, and Indonesia will continue selling one-year subscription packages, while 6-month subscriptions will still be available in Brazil, Turkey, and South…

Nokia Ovi Store Gets 3 Million Downloads per Day


Nokia announced today that they’ve hit a milestone in their mobile app marketplace, the Ovi Store. Every day, three million downloads are made through the on-device and browser-based channel. Just to put that figure into perspective, GetJar hit that number over the summer, though they sell across a bunch of platforms. The Ovi Store hit…

Research: Android Market Hosts Highest Proportion of Free Apps

  Mobile application analytics firm Distimo has published some numbers on U.S. app stores that might surprise those who have had to wade through the mountains of free software on iTunes. As it turns out, it’s the Android Market that actually has the highest proportion of free applications available. Android’s app market growth is also…

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