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British Airways and Scandinavian Airlines Allow Electronics at Take-off and Landing

British Airways trialing iPads to improve customer service

After the American FCC’s bombshell ruling that phones and other devices were safe for use on airplanes, the European Aviation Safety Agency looked into its own regulations and made a change. Scandinavian Airlines became the first carrier to allow gate-to-gate electronic use on its flights. Now British Airways has followed suit and made gadgets even easier…

Video Games Acquired by Smithsonian Art Museum


The Smithsonian institution made great strides for video games as a creative medium when it began its exhibition on the Art of Video Games last year. Like motion pictures before them, video games have had a rocky time being accepted as an art. In recent years a new crop of stylized indies have showcased just…

The Evolution of Playstation and Xbox Controllers in GIFs

Xbox One vs. Playstation 4  The Evolution of the Controllers

Because animated GIFs make everything better, here are a couple to welcome you to Friday!  The Console Wars are upon us and both the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 have come out of the gate with re-designed controllers. You can watch the latest models morph from their humble beginnings right here! The good folks…

Free Starbucks from Ting Mobile!


A La Carte wireless carrier Ting wants to buy you a coffee! Ting is offering up the promotion to the more than 2 million users of Verizon and At&T, the nation’s two biggest carriers. Just head on over to Ting’s site to get a unique $5 promo code for Starbucks! Free Starbucks! If you enter…

Google Glass: Yet Another Establishment Bans the Wearable Tech


Google Glass may only be in the hands (well, on the faces) of a select few “Explorers”, but it’s already run into plenty of controversy. Now another establishment is banning Google’s wearable technology! Google remains silent on Google Glass’ wide release date, but the company recently increased fourfold the amount of Glass on the street…

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