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Google Now Receives Updated Voice Commands

Google Search has been updated, improving its list of voice commands to encompass calling your contacts simply by saying their name. Here are the details straight from Google’s Google+ page: “Want to save time keeping in touch with your loved ones? Or just not drop your phone or your shopping bags whilst you try to find a number to make a call? You can skip scrolling through your contacts and just say to your Android phone “Ok Google, call Mom” or “Ok Google, send a text to my wife.” Starting Read more

Ian Kersey

Flappy Bird Creator Claims He Pulled Game Because it Was ‘Addictive’

Flappy Bird was pulled from the Google Play and iTunes stores abruptly a few days ago, with the games creator citing no clear reason for that move. Thanks to Forbes, we now have a little insight as to why the game’s developer, Dong Nguyen yanked the popular game out of the hands of its fans. Dong claims that the game was pulled because it is too addictive, not because of the game’s similarity to copyrighted material that could get it in hot water. Dong had this to say about his Read more

Ian Kersey