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In Memoriam: The life and death of webOS


HP is killing off its webOS devices and it looks like the end of the line for the platform. Let’s take a look back at how it came to be and why we’re now looking at the end of the line. Palm was in the smartphone game before it was cool with its Treo lineup…

GolfLogix Golf GPS App Now Available for the Palm Pre

GolfLogix for the Palm Pre

My current favorite when it comes to golf GPS applications, GolfLogix, has just added the Palm Pre to its growing list of compatible devices. Other smartphones that already play nice with GolfLogix include the iPhone 3G and 3GS, plus many BlackBerry, Android and Windows Mobile powered devices. If you’ve never used a golf GPS app…

webOS Hitting Sprint Tomorrow?

Sprint Palm Pre

This is just a quick little rumor for those of you packing webOS powered devices. Yes, the Palm Pre and Pixi on Sprint could be getting new webOS goodness real soon. At least, that’s the rumor I’ve heard from my buds at PreCentral. Apparently, one of their forum members ‘leprecub’ is a Sprint employee. He…

Sprint CFO admits Palm Pre failed

Sprint’s Chief Financial Officer Robert Brust let a ill-timed statement slip out to investors – specifically, that “The Pre didn’t work out as well as we hoped,” He told investors that the worst is behind them. Sorry to be blunt, but no shit. Why the man waited this long to say the Palm Pre bombed…

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