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  • Air_randy

    I have the HTC Sensation 4G, there is not another phone like it. It is powerful, fast, and you just can’t touch it. I can’t say enough about this phone as it is very fast and searchs the internet at blazing speeds. The large screen makes the iPhone look very small in comparison. The only complaint I have right now is the microphone is too sensitive and over modulates to people I talk to. The only thing I’ve found to help right now besides a headset is holding the mic outwards away from my face otherwise complaints of a mumbling type of sound from my voice. It took me a while to figure out that the mic was just picking up my voice too well. So until I figure out how to tone it down or another way to use the phone I have to hold the phone in a weird way. I had another one just like this one that didn’t have that problem but I dropped it off a wall and it messed up the display where it wouldj’t respond right to touch. So the phone is very sensitive and fast in many, many ways including typeing is blazing fast. You just need to protect the face of the phone as it is very vunerable with the large display. Lots of apps on this baby too that gives you lots of information in what seems a never ending display. It also has an app called “watch” and I’ve bought a few movies to watch or rent on it and really is a great display for watching movies. The tunes on it are unbelievable too. I have found a way to make the battery last a long time. Lots of tricks to making the phone battery last long otherwise if you don’t have a set of good habits you can loose the battery in minutes. I’ve found that once a week (like on Sundays) I let the battery go completely dead (discharging the phone) then coming back to charge it for a couple of hours gives you much more battery life. When I had to go to another phone while I was waiting for  another sensation to arrive I could not believe how much I missed it. It’s a great phone.