Red Nexus 5 Shows Up In Pictures


Remember those colorful Nexus 5 rumors from last week? Thanks to a slew of new pictures, those rumors look to be coming true. The Nexus 5 in a vibrant red color have been unleashed on the web, confirming at least one of Google’s Nexus 5 color variants. These pictures give us way more info on…

How Important is NFC for Apple?


Rumors have been rampant and speculation high as to whether the new iPhone 5 from Apple would bring with it the much-anticipated feature, NFC. Near Field Communication has exploded in recent years and the potential is exciting for transferring information using small objects that you already carry on your person at all times. The use…

iOS and Android Growing 10 Times Faster Than The Web


Flurry Analytics, a research firm has released numbers today that show the incredible rate at which iOS and Android have grown in recent years. In the 1990’s, at the height of the internet boom, the adoption of the web was happening at a wicked fast pace, but recent numbers show that smartphone use, particularly iOS and Android has…

The Future of Smartphones After Apple v. Samsung Ruling


The late Steve Jobs swore that he would destroy Android; He accused Google of creating an outright copy of Apple’s ridiculously successful iOS. “I’m willing to go to thermonuclear war on this,” he promised, and while he didn’t live to see the recent ruling of the Apple v. Samsung case citing patent infringement on the part…

Review: iFit-1 Satechi Portable Smartphone Speaker


IntoMobile is taking a look at the iFit-1 Portable Rechargeable Smartphone Speaker from Satechi. The iFit-1 is a sleek, portable device that sports 6 hours worth of playback from its lithium rechargeable battery. It’s charged via a mini-usb cable included in the package that can be connected to your laptop, computer, or any USB plug.…

Review: PRIZM iPhone Stand


Let’s get right to it. The PRIZM iPhone stand is two pieces of colored aluminum that you put together to create a stand for your iPhone or iPad, depending on which size you buy. You can then put the stand on a table, counter, airplane tray table, or on display in your shop. It costs…

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