• mr condo

    I love my e62 — just wish it was faster at opening emails and files.

    I heard that Nokia just put out a software upgrade for the e61 which significantly increased the speed of the user interface…

    Can anybody confirm that news? Is the upgrade applicable for the e62? If no, any news on upcoming softward enhancements for the e62?



  • Richard Krueger

    I like the widget approach to cell phone interface. Look for more of this in the near future.

  • Mirko

    Is it possible using front camera for videocall?

  • Momchil Karabulev

    it hasn’t front camera

  • Jonathan M

    Front camera, phooey. Just make like I do and videoconference in front of the mirror. In the mensroom.

  • Tatu

    Please Help me to Unlock my Nokia E61i.

    Thank You
    Tatu aus Berlin.
    Grüß Gott.

  • Danny

    Check out UnlockGenie for unlocking your Nokia E61i at low prices

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