Cingular Launches US Mobile Banking!

Cingular LogoRemember when all your (geek) friends would keep saying that, in the future, the cell phone would replace everything, including your wallet? Well, that day is nigh! With converged devices already combining a mobile phone with a PDA, digital camera, GPS unit, mp3 player, radio, and even TV, the convergence of a digital wallet is really all that’s left.

Making credit cards and even cash obsolete, Cingular’s phone-based application will allow customers of participating banks to do their account managing and bill paying on the mobile phones. The software, from Firethorn Holdings LLC, will be available for free download via their website. Firethorn will act as an intermediary between AT&T and banks, such as Wachovia Corp. So get rid of those wallets kids! The digital wallet is here!

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