Indian Leopards fall for mobile phone ringtones

Indian state officials using mobile phone ringtones to lure leopards out of villagesIt looks like wildlife officials in the Indian state of Gujarat have devised an ingenious way to help control the leopard population. Leopards often wander into villages in search of food (cows, goats, etc.) and sometimes end up attacking people. Until recently, officials would lure the big cats out of the villages with live-bait lures such as goats tied to a tree. The wildlife officials recently found that the leopards can be lured out of the village more effectively and humanely with animal sound ringtones- as opposed to real animals.

They are playing animal-sound ringtones to lure the wild cats into cages. Vasani, a senior wildlife official said that, “The moos of a cow, bleating of a goat from the phone has proved effective to trap leopards…This trick works.”

So far, 5 leopards have been lured out of the village with this ringtone trick. We’re glad to see that the age old problem of wild animals roaming into our village has been solved with a high-tech solution.

via: yahoo

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