Apple announces rate plans for the iPhone – unlimited data and 200 SMS text messages included!

Just as we expected, the “iPlans” have been announced today! Although we were expected to have a few more included SMS text messages, 200 text messages and unlimited data are nothing to complain about. And, it turns out that the iPhone rate plans are a lot cheaper than we expected – that’s a nice bonus!

Individual rate plans start at $59.99 and go up to $99.99, depending on how many minutes you need every month. Family plans start at $80.00 and go all the way up to $120.00, again, depending on how many minutes your family needs per month. But, here’s the kicker, all these plans actually include unlimited data and those 200 included SMS text messages – making our monthly bill potentially a lot less then that C-note we were expecting to cough up each month!

If you’re already a Cingular/AT&T customer, you can still get the iPhone and simply add on the $20 iPhone Data Plan to get those 200 text messages and unlimited data. But, if you just gotta have more text messages with your iPhone Data Plan, you can choose from a $30 and $40 option with 1500 and unlimited text messages included, respectively. We’re really excited to see AT&T offering the iPhone Data Plan at a $20 price point! It makes swallowing the $600 iPhone price tag a bit more manageable.

Apple announces AT&T rate plans for the Apple iPhone

Press release here.


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