Palm chooses Wind River for Foleo’s Linux platform, first photo of retail packaging!

Not much enthusiasm for Palm’s Foleo lives on the net, but you can be sure I’m one of those people who instantly “got it” when Jeff Hawkins first demoed the product at D5 and have been in love ever since. Today Palm announced that it is using Wind River for the Foleo’s operating system and development tools. When visiting the Wind River’s website I found 2 PDF files (1 and 2) you discover that the OS runs on the 2.6.14 Linux kernel, has the GNU glibc 2.3.6 C library and the development tool called “Workbench” is based on Eclipse 3.2.1.

Here is an image of a stack of box’s at LinuxWorld:


Here is a list of applications that a Foleo had installed at Linux World, notice the calender, contacts and tasks?


[More pictures over at Linux Devices]

  • lutzs

    :mrgreen: Yeah (Pocket) Outlook Icons. Have you ever noticed, the S40 “change confirmed” icon looks like the Win XP System Control icon?
    Well, i’m waiting for the foleo. Let’s see what it will cost here in Europe/Germany, and when the Asus Eee will be released.

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