Ohio teenager sends SMS text message while walking, gets hit by train – seriously

Kids get hit by train as he sends out sms text message

Um, we’re kind of at a loss for words. Well, not really, but this is one hilarious/unfortunate/ridiculous situation. You see, there’s this teenager in Cincinnati, Ohio that thought it would be a good idea to concentrate more on tapping out an SMS text message than looking for oncoming trains as he walked over some train track. That’s the ridiculous part.

This kid got hit by a train, sending him flying 50 feet and knocking him unconscious – and unable to complete his text message. That’s the unfortunate part.

And, he is currently recovering in a hospital – which means he lived to tell his friends how he got hit by a train and lived. Seeing as how he lived and all, we’re gonna call this the hilarious part.

The moral here is that you should always be aware of your surroundings while on the phone. Especially when you’re dealing with massive steel trains.

[Via: Switched]

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