Apple announces 4GB iPhone dead, 8GB iPhone price drop to $399

Apple price cuts 8GB iPhone to $399So, in an unprecedented move by Steve Jobs, Apple has not only gave the ugly duckling 4GB iPhone the Palm Foleo treatment, but has also given the 8GB iPhone an incredible price-cut to $399. That’s $200 off the original price!

Apple has never implemented a price cut this drastic on any of its offerings in the past, let alone a couple months after the initial launch. Steve Jobs is really screwing the early adopters on this one. The iPhone’s incredible success and push towards to the 1 million mark is due in large part to the early adopters out there that ponied up the big bucks and essentially helped Apple market the damn thing.

We’re not the type to gripe about getting cut on the bleeding edge of gadgetry, but $399 is a huge difference from what we paid for our iPhones. Macenstein is truly pissed at Apple for screwing all the early adopters out there. The hype and buzz that was created by all early adopters seems to have been taken for granted by Apple, and Macenstein believes that the unprecedented price-cut really “pissed in the mouth of some of their most avid fans here.” We don’t disagree with him. But, he does have a good idea – give all 8GB iPhone customers a $100 gift card to the iTunes store or something like that. That’d make this whole situation a little easier to swallow.

Still, the holiday shopping season should be real good to Apple’s iPhone sales, so we’re fully expecting Apple to bust through that 1 million-mark and get a healthy jump on selling 2 million iPhones by year end.

Grab your $399 8GB iPhone now from Apple’s online store and any Apple retail stores. Which, all bitterness aside, is the perfect price point for this device – everyone and their sister will have an iPhone in hand by Christmas time.

[Via: Into iPhone]

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