Use your iPhone as a wireless modem – tether your iPhone to your Mac laptop with Tinyproxy

Tether your iPhone to your Mac laptop with Tinyproxy and some iPhone network settings

iPhone-toting mobile warriors needing an easy (albeit slow) method to get their Mac laptop hooked up to the internet have a friend in Tinyproxy. Now, we’ve covered iPhone tethering (“tethering” refers to a method that allows your laptop to use your mobile phone’s wireless data connection to surf the web, check email, etc.) before, but that was only applicable to Windows machines. If you’re rocking an iPhone to complement that bad-ass MacBook Pro and want to venture into the world of EDGE-speed web surfing, you’ll be happy to know that iPhone-tethered wireless web-access is just a few steps away.

Tinyproxy basically lets you surf the net via your iPhones EDGE data connection. It’s not going to be anything more than a puttering experience, but if you just have to read up on some blogs, make a quick cyber-update or shoot out an email then you’ll be just fine with this solution.

Download Tinyproxy from and head on over for the setup instructions.

[Via: Macenstein]

  • John

    Download Tinyproxy from Question: do you need to have your iPhone unlocked? or will it install Tinyproxy without phone being unlocked?


  • John


    I find answer

  • Titu

    Dear Sir,

    Is there any IP Phone with built in wireless GPRS modem. Actually i wanted such kind of ip phone that Supports SIP for IPPBX.

  • Marty


    I am not sure what you are saying, but there is an SIP client software for iphone under development over at

    I am personally using the Nokia E60, which isn't as slick as iphone, but has a built in SIP client…

  • mhn

    Dear sir,

    How can i use iphone as a gprs modem with EDGE .

  • Yebs

    If the IPHONE cannot use as 3.6Mbps 3G HSDPA modem like NOKIA 5320 etc, for internet connection then this phone is useless to me. GO WIRELESS!!! LONG LIVE NOKIA!!! SHORT LIVE MOTO!!!

  • get a life

    / And who gives a fuck for what you think

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