Testing the limits of text emergency alert messaging

Although we’ve seen SMS being used to alert people in some regions around the world, we still have to see it used on a large scale — hopefully this is something that won’t ever happen.

Testing the limits of text emergency alert messagingStill, if something (God forbid) happens, it’s useful to know whether and how will people be alerted via SMS. That’s exactly what the researches from Purdue University want to know, hence they’ve announced their plans to conduct what is believed to be the first large-scale, real-world test of using text messaging to issue emergency alerts. The test begins on Monday, September 24 and will include more than 7,200 volunteers who will accept the test messages and respond so that researchers can track the actual time it takes to deliver messages to a mass audience. After the results are calculated, they will be shared with other universities and emergency planners. Guess, now we can sleep safer…

[Via: textually.org]

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