LG shows off Rolex concept phone

Rolex Phone concept from LGWith all the recent fashion phones from the likes of Prada, Armani, and Levis, it makes sense for mobile phone manufacturers to partner up with high-end watchmakers on luxurious handsets. LG seems to be thinking just that. The South Korean mobile phone manufacturer recently showed off their Rolex mobile phone concept to Tech Digest.

Unfortunately, LG did not allow photos to be taken inside the demonstration room, but Tech Digest tells us that the Rolex concept phone is quite the looker. With a Rolex watch face embedded into the casing, the “luxurious leathery exterior” looked to be a high-end phone after a Rolex fan’s heart. It’s not clear if LG is actively working with Rolex to produce a high-end fashion phone, but given the fit and finish of the concept model, and LG Rolex Phone may just be in the cards.

If the Rolex Phone commands the same tens-of-thousands of dollars price tag, it will most definitely be relegated to the likes of true Rolex aficionados. We sure won’t be sporting anything with “Rolex” branding anytime soon – not even a phone.

[Via: Tech Digest]

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