Apple posts iPhone v1.1.2 firmware – yea, great

iPhone v1.1.2 firmware update posted by Apple, breaks jailbreakAs expected, Apple has posted a new iPhone firmware today. With the European iPhone launch well underway, the new firmware is now an official part of the iPhone community. As you’ll probably recall, the iPhone v1.1.2 firmware basically adds extended language support with special character sets and keyboards. More notably, the iPhone v1.1.2 firmware gives UK iPhone users access to The Cloud WiFi HotSpot network. Oh, and it patches that TIFF security hole that’s been exploited by all jailbreak solutions.

But, if you’re not in the UK (UK iPhones comes pre-installed with v1.1.2 anyway), and you don’t need anything more than English-language support, there’s really no reason to update your iPhone v1.1.1. The new v1.1.2 firmware will break your current jailbreak solution. And, seeing as how you can easily patch that TIFF security hole with an application or through jailbreakme, we can’t really see any added benefit to US iPhone users.

But, should you feel like updating your iPhone to the new v1.1.2 firmware, go right ahead and download the 160MB update. Find the v1.1.2 firmware here.

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