Not satisfied with your mobile phone options? Build your own, custom-ordered handset

Wouldn’t it be nice to play “handset designer” for a day? What would your dream mobile phone look like?

zzzPhone offers custom-made handsetsWhile you might not get to design your “dream phone” just yet (unless you’ve got some serious design-credentials and a high-level design-job at a handset vendor), zzzPhone allows you to build your handset to custom-order specs. Just as you would customize the components on a car or Subway sandwich, zzzPhone starts you off with a mobile phone “base model” and allows you to add on components as you see fit. Although, the handset design leaves a good deal to be desired.

zzzPhone apparently uses “the same high quality components as major brands Motorola, Nokia, Palm, and Samsung; these unlocked, tri-band cell phones deliver features that exceed those offered on the ultra-popular Nokia N95 and Apple iPhone, at less than half the price.” The difference being that you get to pick and choose your handset’s features to suit your needs.

Fancy some GPS? Check the appropriate box. Need more storage? Add it on. 7 megapixel camera? Go for it. Stereo speaker? Rock on. You get the point.

Feeling the custom-mojo from zzzPhone? Hit up their website for some build-to-order handset fun!


[Via: The Raw Feed]

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