Apple will lock down third-party application distribution with iPhone SDK

iPhone SDK to lockdown iPhone applicationsWe can’t say we’re surprised. Steve Jobs wanted to control every single aspect of the iPhone experience, and with the introduction of the iPhone SDK next week, we can expect Apple to control all sides of the third-party iPhone application equation.

iLounge cites sources that are “familiar with Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch software development kit (SDK) plans” as saying that the iPhone SDK will ensure that third-party iPhone applications will be required to go through iTunes as a means of distribution.

  • No side-loading or OTA (over-the-air) downloading of applications, you’ll have to connect your iPhone to iTunes to get any official iPhone apps loaded up. Apple is really doing this whole content-portal thing right with iTunes-based synchronization.
  • Apple will have the absolute last-say in which iPhone applications make the cut and which hit the rubbish-bin (Did I just say rubbish bin? I meant “trash can”). Only approved iPhone applications will find their way to the iTunes Store to await distribution to iPhones worldwide. However, it’s not clear if Apple will have to re-approve updates and bug-fixes to previously approved applications.
  • The iPhone SDK will keep the iPhone dock connector off-limits. There will be no fooling around with the docking port, which kills our hopes of cool new iPhone accessories. The iPhone’s phone, camera and WiFi are open to all developers. Let’s just hope the iPhone has a restricted Bluetooth module that can be opened up to support Bluetooth 2.0 and A2DP. We’ll see.

Just another week of waiting and pondering…

[Via: iLounge]

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