Motorola bleeding…executives – President of Mobile Devices resigns following CMO’s exit

Motorola executives leaveIt’s one thing to bleed cash all over the sparkly granite flooring, but it’s a completely different thing to bleed precious executives onto the open job-market. Motorola’s troubles are mounting ever greater with their recent problems with the latter – Moto is bleeding executives. Following on the recent resignation of Motorola’s CTO, a couple more high-level Moto execs are taking off to greener (and probably less stressful, more profitable) pastures.

Motorola’s Chief Marketing Officer Casey Keller thought that last Friday was a good time to take a permanent-style sabbatical. Interestingly, Keller left Motorola last week, but Motorola only announced this resignation yesterday. We’re not sure what that means, but it seems that Motorola’s trying to trim down costs by distributing Keller’s job-description around the mobile divisions – there will be no CMO replacement.

Now we’re hearing that Motorola’s President of Mobile Devices (you know, the division that has been causing Motorola so much cash-ache that they’ve considered selling off the division) has also hit the road.  Motorola released a statement saying that Stu Reed’s departure is “effective immediately.” Moto CEO Greg Brown capped the press release with a few kind words, saying that, “We appreciate Stu’s many contributions to Motorola and wish him the best in the future.”

Now, remember that Brown was quoted as saying that he’s actively searching for a new executive to head the mobile division at Motorola and we have what seems to have been an executive-ouster in the making.

Best of luck to Motorola’s reshuffled executive team. For the sake of cutting costs, it might be a good idea to trim as much fat from their payroll as possible. But, it Moto really wants to turn things around, they’re going to need to do more than just get rid of highly-paid execs.

Stu Reed leaves Motorola
Keller leaves Motorola

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