Video: Opera Mobile 9.5 for Windows Mobile review

Now this is a prereleased version of Opera Mobile 9.5, but it’s still looking tip top and just as drooltastic as it was when I played with it at this year’s Mobile World Congress. This browser will come on the HTC Touch Diamond and be available for other Windows Mobile devices in general. Matt loves it, says it’s better than the iPhone, and I tend to agree:

Accompanying textual review for this video.

  • Jukka Eklund

    I don’t get it why mobile IE sucks so bad.

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    Microsoft missed the importance of the web the first time around, what makes you think they’ll get the importance of the web on mobile the second time around?

  • John

    Does 9.5 allow full desktop(not mobile) youtube video playback like the newest s60 brower does?

  • Sarav

    Hey.. i was just wondering how u wud open a new hyperlink in the same tab..when that person clicked on one there was no option for “open” only had “open in new tab” and other options..

    overall the browser looks cool.. little unresponsive though..can be made to work well by fine tuning though 🙂

  • Manu

    when he clicked, he actually clicked and HOLD!!!

  • serkoart

    Wow that Stylus sure is slick…..LMAO!

    First of all the S60 Web browser let’s you save a page just the same as well as sending a link of the page as an SMS or Email.

    The iPhone already has a Javascript App that let’s you save pages offline too. Firmware 2.0 for the iPhone will also include the ability to save any pic in a website to your camera roll which you can then email.

    Besides Cut/Paste/MMS capability what is so much “better” about this browser in your opinion Stefan?

    Also funny how he preferred using the iPhone version of Google Reader instead of the “Full Internet” version!

    I’d like to see a side by side comparison of this browser, S60’s Webkit browser and the iPhone’s upcoming Safari mobile 2.0 browser once it goes out of beta (and they’ve had more time to copy what Apple has had on the market for almost a year now).

  • applephanbooi


    Actually, it is Safari which copied Nokia and Opera. Remember, both Nokia and Opera did this ages before Apple. Remember the DS browser or the Wii Internet Channel?

  • Rob C

    If you think Opera 9.5 is great, trying using Skyfire!! 10x better with Java.

  • Goob

    @Rob C

    Skyfire spies on its users because everything goes through their servers.

    Java? Skyfire doesn’t support Java. It might support some JavaScript, though.

  • nitendra

    Great site to find the honest reviews. Thanks

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