Apple to allow carriers to subsidize iPhone

If the 3G iPhone launches with A-GPS, tri-band HSDPA, and video recording, we’ll be more than happy to wait in line to give Apple more of our hard-earned money. But, if Apple ends up allowing carriers to subsidize the price of the next-generation iPhone, there are going to be throngs of iPhone hopefuls lining up for their very own piece of multi-touch goodness.

iPhoneIt would make sense for Apple to loosen their iPhone price schedule to allow for carrier subsidization – especially if they hope to reach that 10 million unit sales goal by the end of 2008. As such, The Financial Times is reporting that Apple has indeed relaxed their strangle-hold over the iPhone’s pricing structure. That means we’ll all see the 3G iPhone sold at deep discounts off of the retail price.

FT doesn’t cite any sources in saying the the 3G iPhone will be subsidized through wireless carriers, but they have a respectable track record when it comes to Apple-related speculation. The publication says that Apple may allow US iPhone carrier, AT&T, to offer a $200 subsidy on the iPhone 3G – effectively lowering the new iPhone’s price point to $200. In doing so, Apple has purportedly lowered the revenue kickbacks that it has demanded from current iPhone carriers around the world.

The report is in line with previous speculation that the next-generation iPhone will sell for $200.

[Via: FT]

  • Andrew

    Fingers crossed for shorter contracts.

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