Apple looking to hock iPhone 3G on university campuses

Apple iPhone 3gAs if peddling the latest iPhone 3G hardware through AT&T stores as well as Apple’s retail stores wasn’t enough, Apple is reportedly considering a plan that would have Apple iPhone 3G handsets being sold where Apple is arguably more popular than the general population – college campuses.

In a push to extend Apple’s already-tight relationship with educational institutions, Apple is seriously looking in to allowing their college-based stores to sell the highly-awaited iPhone 3G successor to the original iPhone.

Apple already has iTunes University programs in place, which has college freshmen kicking off their academic career with iPhones in hand, ready to wireless download class material, homework, schedules, and even take exams. The move to provide a retail outlet for the iPhone 3G right on campus could quite possibly extend Apple’s retail reach and increase sales. Apple wants students to upgrade their iPhones about every two years, so we’ll have to wait and see just how well they do with that goal.

[Via: AppleInsider]

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