Treo 800w: Live pictures of the latest GPS, WiFi, EVDO packing Palm device


While everyone on their mother went on queue today to buy the iPhone 3G, there were a handful of Palm fanatics who snatched the new Treo 800w from their local Sprint store. Check out the full gallery of images here.

Spec sheet for those of you who forgot: Windows Mobile 6.1, GPS, WiFi, EVDO Rev. A and a 320×320 resolution screen.

  • PineRoot

    The only thing preventing me from getting this is the smaller screen compared to the Mogul, and the bigger keyboard (being an American I tend to have fatter fingers than the average global population). I do miss having the keyboard always there, and the RAM sucks huevos on the Mogul. I’ve heard “mostly” good things about the 800w. I’m going to go to a store and play around with it and see if it is worth the upgrade from my Mogul.

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