Motorola Alexander spied with Windows Mobile 6.1

Motorola Alexander is the last standMotorola’s only got a few more product cycles to get it right or fold their cards and declare their handset business defunct. Time is running out, and the pressure is on for CEO Greg Brown to get things into high gear.

Moto’s last stand in the handset business has been talked about as being an 8 megapixel cameraphone worthy of high-end smartphone praise. While we may not see a monstrous 8 megapixel shooter from the ailing handset manufacturer, there’s little doubt that Motorola is looking to get a high-end feature-set to market before it’s too late to make a difference. The Motorola ZN5 isn’t going to cut it without a 3G radio on board. But, the MotoZINE ZN5 does prove that Motorola can hang with the imaging giants like the Nokia N95 (soon to be N96) and Samsung G800.

In that light, we bring you the first live pics of the Motorola Alexander – the smartphone that Motorola hopes will help bring their mobile phone manufacturing arm back in to the black. The interesting form-factor aside, the Motorola Alexander could do well with the list of features that have reportedly been confirmed. It’s destined to be released later this year and will be a member of the Windows Mobile camp.

We’re expecting the Motorola Alexander (aka Motorola’s last stand) to sport a 5-8 megapixel camera, NVIDIA 3D graphics hardware, aGPS and Windows Mobile 6.1! Look for the Motorola Alexander to go live in Q4 2008.

Will you be picking up a Motorola handset that looks like this? Sound off in the comments.

Note: The more we look at the Motorola Alexander, the more attractive it looks. With the slider closed, it looks like it could give the iPhone a run for its money. Anyone else find this thing pretty?

Of course, we’ll have to reserve final judgment until we can see the handset in person, or at least in pictures with more detail and depth. 

[Via: BGR]

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