O2 bundles mobile and home broadband

O2 bundle home and mobile broadband

O2 has begun offering a joint mobile and fixed broadband deal for customers. Those that sign up to get O2 Mobile Broadband for £20/month (which includes 3GB of data and unlimited WiFi) will get the standard home broadband package free for a year.

This a clever move by O2, as it adds real value for the customer, but also allows O2 to really “own” the customer – with some good analytical software, they should be able to find out A LOT about the internet usage of their customers – meaning even better and more tailored deals.

The joint offer is available for customers signing up to O2 Mobile Broadband between 1 August and 31 October 2008 who live within the O2 Home Broadband network – approximately 60 per cent of the UK population. The deal is also available to existing O2 Mobile and Home Broadband customers. Customers wanting to upgrade to a higher speed package or not covered by O2’s broadband network will receive a £7.50 per month discount on their chosen plan for 12 months.

[Via: Macworld]

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