Verizon talking notes of BlackBerry Storm surface

“Rumors, whispers, secrets; bloggers love to speculate and we’ve got them all buzzing about us. There’s a big reason for the buzz: we’re launching a groundbreaking device that’s unlike anything seen in the market today and it’s exclusive in the U.S. to Verizon Wireless.”

Aw, shucks Verizon, thanks for the shoutout. Not much new in the BlackBerry Storm speaking notes, aside from maybe the presence of GPS, but it’s good to see something fairly official to confirm the name and other details like the 3.2 megapixel camera, the click touchscreen noted in the last video review, and the Verizon exclusivity in the U.S. There have been rumblings that Telus and Rogers will also have the Storm available in Canada around November/December, so those of us up north needn’t despair. should be going live soon with more details, so be sure to hit it up every once in awhile to register.

[via CB]

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