Sorry Procrastinators, No More T-Mobile G1 Pre-Orders

If you’re a T-Mo customer and have been biding your time to pick up the HTC G1… You’ve already missed your chance, sorry! It looks like all available orders in the pre-order program have been filled. If you want one, you’ll simply have to wait a bit longer, and head into a store around October 22 to pick one up.

No details have been revealed yet on how many pre-orders they actually received. Somewhere around 60,000 units is the last rumor I heard. That would make up roughly 10% of the total sales they wanted to achieve before the end of the year.

Note: It took roughly 4 days for the G1 pre-orders to sell out. Seems like a long time to me?

[Via: TMoNews and EngadgetMobile]

  • Travis

    If you are trying to upgrade make sure that you are logged in. I was getting that error message until i logged in and the ordered. The only down side is that it was $299 not $179!!!!!!….. Also they may have just made more room for the orders thus making me lucky..who knows

  • blah

    i don’t even know why people want this phone just go get an i phones runs better faster and looks nicer

  • Dex

    How do you know how well it runs. It hasn’t come out so before you put the phone down make sure you know more than just watching a video of it.

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