Apple sneaks in MobileMe server updates improving iPhone experience

iPhone and iPhone 3G users with MobileMe subscriptions have been patiently waiting for Apple to get their push-email service up to par with Apple’s usually top-notch products. The struggle to find the silver lining in Apple’s MobileMe service has started to become a bit easier as Apple refines the service.

And, in their quest to improve the MobileMe experience for iPhone and iPhone 3G users, Apple has apparently implemented some server-side updates that should make MobileMe that much more enjoyable. Apple says, in a recently posted Knowledge Base Article, that:

“Since server-side updates are a bit more innocuous than a standard software update to Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows, it’s easy not to notice that updates are occurring. Usually the only hint of these updates is that things just ‘work better’.”

So, if MobileMe feels like it’s running better on your computer or iPhone, then it’s probably Apple’s doing – or at least that’s what Cupertino would have you believe.

Apple says the server-side updates should bring MobileMe users:

  • Improves experience when viewing Galleries on an iPhone/iPod touch
  • Improves localization for MobileMe web applications
  • Resolves an issue when attempting to Reply All to some messages

Anyone noticing an improvement with their MobileMe service?

Apple Knowledge Base Article

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