AT&T BlackBerry Bold available for $149.99

$299.99 on contract might be a little hard to swallow for the AT&T BlackBerry Bold, so how about some Black Friday savings to ease the sting? Well, Wal-Mart is offering the BlackBerry 9000 for $149.99 online. The Bold remains RIM’s most prominent flagship smartphone, especially following the ho-hum BlackBerry Pearl Flip and maybe even after the tenuous BlackBerry Storm launch. 3G, GPS, Wi-Fi, 2 megapixel camera, super-crisp 480 x 320 screen, 1 GB of on-board storage and a killer keypad make the 9000 one of the biggest enterprise phones out there. As ever, Black Friday will see some crazy savings and some equally crazy mobs of shoppers. If you happen to spot any sweet deals on phones, feel free to drop us a tip!

[via PhonesReview]

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