T-Mobile G1 Price Drop Hits the UK

The T-Mobile G1 dropped in the UK on October 30th, and already there are new price drops. At launch, you could pick up a nifty G1 on a £40/mth contract. Sounded pretty decent at the time… but yet again, early adopters are getting the shaft… Well, sort of.

T-Mobile has now dropped the monthly contract price to scoop up the G1. It’s dropped from £40 to £30/mth. That’ll show you, you eager early adopting G1 fans! 🙁

The folks at T-Mo insist that this is not a move to boost poor sales. In fact, they’ve commented that sales are right on track with forecasts. Some have suggested that the price drop is an attempt to keep up with the joneses, seeing as there’s a whole whackload of new devices out there for the holidays.

That said, a T-Mo spokesperson has commented:

“We have chosen to offer the device free with a £30 contract to make the pricing more competitive in light of recent device launches. We are well on track to achieve our sales forecasts”

I honestly don’t have too much of a problem with this. Over in the US you’ll need to come up with $179 to purchase the device, and then sign up for your monthly contract on top of that. I’d gladly pay £40 or £30/mth (Ok, I’d rather pay in US or Canadian funds!) to get my G1 for free. They’re lucky over there I tells ya!

[Via: Phandroid]

  • Ben Robinson

    Is that screen wonky? Looks like it.

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