Verizon Ungrinchifies, Unlocks GPS on BlackBerry Pearl and Curve

That’s the holiday spirit, Verizon – throw your subscribers a bone and let them use BlackBerry Maps instead of pigeonholing them into the $9.99/month VZ Navigator service like you have for so long. The latest firmware for the BlackBerry 8330 and BlackBerry 8130 isn’t all roses, though – reports say that Google Maps, easily the fuller-bodied mapping app, is still out of commission. It’s a step in the right direction, but maybe one Verizon should have taken from the get-go. Hopefully they’ll stay in that spirit and allow other apps to access the integrated GPS in the near future.

[via HowardForums]

  • Engr.Bassey Ogar Egbe

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  • Travis Tubbs

    It’s good to see Verizon take this stance as more phones comes with GPS features free of charge. Unfortunately, it’s sad that they have yet to open it to anyone else.

    Competition is great. Hopefully RIM will update their mapping software to be on par with features from Google Maps and Garmin or else this may not really mean much later.

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