Android Market to Include Paid Apps by Q1, 2009!

Currently, the Android Market is the place to go for free apps for your G1. This is great, but I’m sure most G1 owners out there are craving more… and when I say craving more, I mean… They want paid apps! Paying for apps will provide developers with a much-needed new revenue stream for their efforts, plus it will provide awesome new tools, games and experiences for the end consumer to download. Personally, I can’t wait.

Latest news is that the Android Market will be accepting paid apps into their marketplace as early as the first quarter of 2009! The news comes from Ross Miller over at engadget mobile. He has noted that Eric Chu (of Google) emailed Android Market members to let them know that paid apps are coming in Q1, 2009. According to Eric, the paid apps will roll out in a country-by country basis. First the US and UK will get paid apps… Then Germany, Austria, Netherlands, France, Italy and Spain… with more to follow.

Also worthy of note here is that developers will be able to make their apps available to specific countries. Cool if you have a country/language specific app where you want to target a certain region of the world.

At any rate, paid apps in the Android Market = Good Thing! I’m sure we’ll be seeing (and downloading) them soon.

[Via: engadgetmobile]

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