BlackBerry Bold From Sprint Coming in First Quarter of 2009

All of you fans of the yellow and black (or is it gold and black?) will be pleased to know some new BlackBerry Bold info on Sprint. One of Engadget Mobile’s trusted sources has let them now that Sprint will be replacing the BlackBerry 8830 with a CDMA version of the BlackBerry Bold. All of the 8800-lovers out there grasp on to your device tight… Or maybe go pick a new one up at Sprint while you can, because you might not be able to in the near future.

The new Sprint BlackBerry Bold will apparently feature EV-DO Rev. A, lots of memory, and of course a camera (which will be a feature many 8800 users might not want?).

It’s still early days with this one, but look for more news to drop on it soon. All reports seem to lead to the Sprint BlackBerry Bold dropping in the first quarter of 2009.

[Via: EngadgetMobile]

  • Lgmack

    Sign me up!!!

  • treo is the bane of my existence

    IS THIS TRUE??? please do not tease me. i just can’t take it!


    MOST HAVE IT!!!!!! im tired of the damn curve

  • OneBridge

    I heard about this in a meeting with RIM a few weeks ago. The person that we were meeting with from RIM said that the device would be “better than the Bold” and “have more features that the Bold did not have.”
    It almost sounded as if Sprint may finally be getting a somewhat exclusive BlackBerry, but as James said, it is still to early to know what is going on.
    I did not hear first quarter of 2009 though, I heard summer of 2009. Either way, it can’t get here soon enough.



  • swk400

    by god let to his true and real and not some horrible joke…. i love my sprint plan and don’t want to leave it and hate AT&T so i and really looking forward to this

  • jcon08

    After meeting with my Sprint team, I can confirm this is a true statement directly from Sprint, a world edition Blackberry Bold is coming. Although they are targeting a Q1 09 release, we all know how quickly that can change with Sprint (think 8350i). Also, although they didn’t say it by name, it was mentioned that a “curve” replacement (possibly world phone) was due out Q2 (or mid summer). I can only hope it’s the Blackberry 8930 “world” edition i’ve been reading about. Hopefully these BB addition along with the Palm Pre can help Sprint stop the bleeding.

  • Ike Bee

    Oh please let this be true! My contract expires in April and it would be SWEET to get it. I’ll be saying many prayers on this and taking my vitamins so I can get my 6 inch pythons on the new Bold. Big easy berry user 4 life!

  • Larryactor

    I can’t accept with AT&T, and I can’t wait to have Spring BlackBerry Bold soon.

  • Jay

    Funny……..I really want the Blackberry 9000 to be for sprint, but I’ve called both the Blackberry company and Sprint, to which both of them have no release dates. so where is this info coming from?

  • Luis

    I have heard of a release in May ’09. I cannot wait for this phone to be released. I love my plan I love my Curve however, this new device along with all the features it will have over the current Bold. Will blow everything away, including the stupid iPhone and put an even bigger dent in the Windows Mobile market.

  • Rash

    I checked with a close friend who is a sprint manager and he informed that they would be getting the curve 8900 (the one that t-moble currently has) and not the bold. I am totally in love with the bold as well and hope that sprint does get the bold. Either way, its time for a new blackberry for sprint anyhow so if its the bold or the 8900 its all cool.

    • Lisa

      Rash when will the 8900 be coming out?

  • SC

    Might be pretty soon. Went on Sprint’s phone choices today and only the Nextel 8350 was available.

  • dan

    what kind of bb is sprint getting and when??

  • ryan

    i went to sprint and chatted and asked why tht ecurve wasnt able to purchase. i said i would only buy a new plan if the curve was for purchase. the rep said that it was not in stock and from what she was told said that some new blackberry’s were coming soon. i said i needed to know if one was going to be available in the next few weeks and they stated there are good chances and they couldnt confirm. hope one comes out soon.

  • dan

    seriously.. i’m sick of the pearl bring the bold

  • dan

    just spoke to a sprint rep online and i asked if any new bb were coming out soon? she said to stay tuned to the site bc there will be new bb to the lineup. then, i asked if there would be any new bb by april? she said to check back april 1st although there is no set date. i’m thinking they might start advertising soon..

  • sammy

    omg this shit suck.. i really want the blakberry bold =( because my phone been broken for like 6 months and i wont get it fixed because im waiting for the bold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • steven

    i prey that it will come to sprint before my birthday

  • Moe

    A few points:
    • There is no new blackberry coming out for Sprint in 2009.
    • The curve is NOT discontiuned, however it is currently unavailable to order (possibly for bug fixes)

    I own a few Indirect Sprint stores, and work closely with the government rep for Michigan, and he told me there is no plans for a new blackberry this year. The Curve is the most popular handset that Sprint offers, and is sold in large numbers to public and private sectors.

    …..although I wish I was wrong 🙁

  • sammy

    i wish you where wrong too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =( tear

  • marcus

    Sprint customers suffering from a little BlackBerry envy after Verizon Wireless landed the BlackBerry Storm and AT&T scored the BlackBerry Bold may finally get their break.
    According to Engadget Mobile, Sprint will replace its BlackBerry 8830 World Edition with the BlackBerry Bold some time this quarter. While running on Sprint’s CDMA network, the smartphone is said to have dual-mode functionality, so it’ll work on international GSM networks to give you world-roaming capabilities.
    Other reported additions include a slightly updated design, more memory, and EV-DO Rev. A support.
    The Boy Genius Report also chimed in with a few more details on the Sprint Bold, which it calls the BlackBerry Niagara: a full QWERTY keyboard, 480×360 nontouch display, assisted GPS, and a 3.2-megapixel camera. As expected, there’s no official confirmation from the carrier or RIM, but as always, we’ll let you know as soon as we have any information.

  • X76

    I hpoe this is true! Ilike my sprint plan as well an was really content when we got the bb curve but always seems like sprint gets the shaft when it comes to new blackberry phones why is that!!

  • Tobias Funke

    Sprint needs to get with the times with the phones they got a 4g network and there service i never had a problem with the curve is starting to be outdated i don’t like the new BBs so i still have my 8703e and it works fine but i do want some sort of nicer blackberry like a touchscreen(yes i know the storm is a verizon exclusive) or the bold… how about an exclusive blackberry phone for sprint?

  • Devon

    I heard that the new devic may be comparable or better than the Bold… It’s suppose to be out in the 3rd quarter but its still a lil early to kno whats what…

  • X

    I spoke with a representative at Sprint who confirmed that they will be getting the Bold but no other new Blackberry devices. He said that they have now completed the vendor training for the Bold and will be rolling it out either this Summer or Holiday season.

  • ???

    It’s now past mid May and we’re into the 2nd quarter of 2009.

    Where’s the Bold?

  • Cousin Vinny

    OMg! It’s 2nd Quarter 2009 and nothing on Sprint BOLD. WTF. Grrtrrrrrrr this is painful

  • CherieBlossom86

    Curve 8300 just went from $100 to $50 on today… maybe to make room for a new inventory??

  • SuburbanQT

    I spoke with a rep. at a Sprint store and I was informed that there will be a lot of new releases for the Fall 2009 quarter and the Bold is possibly one of them. I can not wait for that release, I have a Curve and I absolutely hate it.

  • STickMan7800

    At this point, clearly Sprint is parting ways with Blackberry. When it goes this long, and all the attention is poised on the Palm Pre, Spring is just signaling everyone to move on to AT&T for the latest blackberry gear.

    Move on.

  • marc

    i’m looking forward to this “so called” blackberry. i’m fine with my 8830 with the os upgrade. we’ll see what happens.

  • KJG

    I’m on the verge of getting my first bb. Can’t decide whether to just get the 8830 or 8350i, or wait for the “supposed” release of a new Sprint BB. Any thoughts? Is this new BB coming out soon or not?

  • blackberrylover!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i can not wait any longer!!!!!!!!!!!! i need it now!!!!

  • Irishmisse

    I was told by Sprint rep recently that the Storm would be available by November…. all I know is I have been waiting to replace my Pearl 8130 with Sprint, but holding out for touchscreen. But if it doesn’t happen by year end.. I’m going with Palm Pre… I can’t stand Verizon, 6 years with them for nothing!!!!!!!!

  • totalkimbo82

    I have the BB Curve and I so ready for a new phone. I hate the fact that Sprint is the last to get the new Blackberrys. I love having Sprint and have been with them for years, but they bring nothing to the BB game. The 8850 may be a glimmer of hope, but I would prefer the Storm.

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