Sprint rolls out Sprint Premier customer-loyalty program

Sprint’s efforts to turn its wireless business around hinges on its ability to retain as many customers as possible. Sprint recently saw 1.3 million customer defecting from its CDMA-based wireless network in the US. And, following on announcements from the company that will have thousands of Sprint employees losing their jobs over the next couple months, Sprint has announced a new initiative aimed at keeping as many customers under their umbrella as possible.

Introducing the Sprint Premier customer rewards program.

Sprint Premier is a new customer-loyalty program that rewards Sprint’s bigger-spenders and long-time subscribers. Customers with 10-years of Sprint-loyalty tucked under their belt can expect to be in enrolled in the Sprint Premier program. More interestingly, customers with just three months of service on a Sprint wireless plan of at least $69.99 on a single line, or $99.99 on a shared line, will be enrolled in the Sprint Premier program. Three months of service on a higher-cost rate plan is apparently worth as much to Sprint as 10 whole years of customer loyalty – perhaps big-money subscribers are more important to Sprint than decade-loyal customers.

Sprint Premier customers can expect to be offered a handset upgrade credit after just one-year of service on a typical two-year wireless contract, while regular Sprint customers wait two years before becoming eligible for a handset upgrade. Sprint is also offering a once-a-year accessory discount to Premier subscribers.

Additionally, Sprint’s “Just Because” perks will give away free trips to sporting events and tickets to Broadway shows. And, to help Sprint Premier customers feel more appreciated, Sprint will gift ringtones or free minutes to qualified customers on the anniversary of their wireless contract signing.

Sign up for Sprint Premier here.

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