Google Book Search Mobile Client Available for iPhone and Android

googlebooksearchThe folks at Google have announced mobile access for the Google Book Search service for Android-powered devices… Including the G1 (of course!). The launch is also setup for the iPhone, and offers around 1.5 million books in the US, and around half a million books outside of the US. All of these titles are digitized and made available for online browsing.

To access mobile access for Google Book Search from your G1 or iPhone, simply hit up from  your device. The search is formatted and optimized for your device, and it looks great. I just checked it out and did a few searches from my iPhone, and it gets two thumbs up. Although all of the books available are public domain and have been around for quite a while, this is still one heck of a valuable resource.

You’ll want to check this one out from your G1 or iPhone. Pretty cool stuff.

[Via: AndroidCommunity]

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