Microsoft Shoots Down Zunephone Rumours One More Time for Good Measure

In response to continued analyst conjecture (this time from Broadpoint AmTech) that Microsoft is working on their own phone, a spokesperson has replied straight-up with: “Microsoft is not doing a phone.” The rumours have been flying about for at least a year now, and ever since the official response has been unanimous denial. Maybe analysts and bloggers should take a hint that maybe, just maybe Microsoft isn’t working on a phone. If they aren’t, maybe Microsoft should be the one taking a hint – people are obviously gripped with wishful thinking here, and would like to see The Big M take the reigns from HTC and have a go at it themselves. Of course, plenty of hurdles like manufacturing investments, souring existing partnerships, and building new ones with carriers would certainly slow a project like this down to a standstill.

[via WSJ]

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