Apple offering free shipping for online iPhone orders!

Apple is getting set to release the third-generation iPhone in about a month from now, and that means the heat is on to clear out remaining iPhone 3G stocks before the new hotness his the scene. In a move that’s no doubt aimed at reducing current supplies of the almost year-old iPhone 3G, Apple has started offering the iPhone 3G online with free shipping!

If discount pricing and attractive incentives, like free shipping to your doorstep, are more important to you than having the latest and greatest mobile hardware on the market, Apple’s latest iPhone deal might make sense. Apple will happily save you a trip to AT&T’s retail store or online store and will ship you a current-generation iPhone 3G to your door.

The rest of us will just wait in line to pay out the nose for Apple’s upcoming iPhone (or iPhones).

Apple iPhone 3G offer

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