AT&T Lineup Leaked: 3G BlackBerry Pearl, Palm Eos and Android-Bearing Lancaster Confirmed

A slideshow outlining AT&T’s entire lineup of upcoming handsets has snuck out and is showing some very impressive hardware, notably the BlackBerry Onyx we’ve been seeing so much of lately, but also a few surprises from HTC. HP’s even got a new iPAQ coming. Gasp! Here’s what’s coming:

Palm Eos – Palm’s next WebOS handset, packing a traditional full-QWERTY layout. Due second half.

BlackBerry Onyx – The keypad in the slide looks distinctly different from what we’ve seen earlier today. Also, the image stablization feature for the camera sounds new. No model number set, no release date given.

BlackBerry Gemini – First BlackBerry to use a touchpad instead of trackball. “Potential” GPS option. No model number set, no release date given.

BlackBerry Pearl 3G – Pictured as a classic candybar, now with 3G for GSM carriers. First we’ve heard of it, and long overdue, considering EV-DO capable Pearls have been around for awhile. The Pearl 3G will have tri-band UIMTS, HSDPA clocking in at 3.6 Mbps, aGPS, “high-resolution” screen, camera, Bluetooth, SureType, microUSB. No model number set, no release date given.

BlackBerry Magnum – “BlackBerry Bold porfolio evolution”, full QWERTY keypad plus touch. Same processor as Bold, tri-band UMTS, quad-band GSM, HVGA screen, more memory. No model number set, no release date given.

HTC Fortress – AT&T’s Touch Pro2 running Windows Mobile 6.1, hinting at Windows Mobile 7 for September. Full slide-out QWERTY keypad with 3.6″ WVGA 480 x 800 touchscreen. Due May 25.

HTC Warhawk – AT&T’s Touch Diamond 2 running Windows Mobile 6.5. 3.2″ WVGA 480 x 800 touchscreen with TouchFlo 3D UI.  Due August 24th.

HTC Lancaster – New Android handset with side-sliding QWERTY keyboard (otherwise looks similar to the Magic). 2.8″ QVGA 240 x 320 touchscreen. Dual-band HSDPA, tri-band GSM, aGPS, Bluetooth. “Unique HTC Social Messaging User Interface” sounds promising. Due August 3rd, but could see delays due to UI customization.

iPAQ K3 – Full QWERTY handset codenamed Obsidian to launch with Windows Mobile 6.5. Tri-band HSDPA, quad-band GSM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, aGPS, 2.8″ QVGA touchscreen (no stylus), 2 megapixel camera with LED flash, 256 MB RAM. Proximity and light sensor also built-in. Due November 30.

All of that on top of the four Nokia devices and two Motorolas that leaked earlier. Hooah! Thems a lotta phones.

[via Engadget all up in the business]

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