iPhone Tethering is a Go, Just not for AT&T… yet


iPhone tethering got the green light at WWDC today, but with a big fat disclaimer: “subject to carrier approval”. They showed some of the carriers who would be supporting the feature, such as Rogers, butAT&T was not on the list. This is a huge blow to the iPhone’s biggest market, but it seems likely that tethering functionality will come in due time (namely once AT&T manages to build up their network to support such a boost in demand).

iPhone tethering has been a long time coming for the iPhone, and the wait seems to have been worth it (almost). The iPhone OS 3.0 will support iPhone tethering over both wired USB or Bluetooth, which means you can get your iPhone-tethered data-fix at your convenience. 

Again, look for AT&T to support iPhone tethering once the No. 2 US wireless carrier has finished upgrading its 3G network to handle all the extra data-traffic that an iPhone-tethering solution is likely to generate. At least we have the Verizon MiFi 2200 to hold us over…

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