Android OS for the HTC Touch Diamond and HTC Touch Pro!

touch-diamond-androidIt’s not everyday you see a Windows Mobile smartphone running a Linux-based mobile operating system. But, in the crazy (crazy cool, that is) world of handset hackery, anything is possible. So, it shouldn’t be all that surprising that Android hackers have ported Android OS to the HTC Touch Diamond (Diamond) and HTC Touch Pro (Raphael). The new Android OS ROM has been posted to the HTC-Android forums for anyone willing to use their previous-gen smartphones as Android guinea pics.

To be clear, Android OS runs just fine on the Diamond and Raphael. Unfortunately, there’s still the issue of creating Linux drivers to control all the different devices in the HTC Touch Diamond and HTC Touch Pro. So, for now, Android OS can basically only surf the web and send SMS through the smartphone’s GSM connection (GPRS, EDGE, 3G). Everything else (microphone, speaker, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc.) just doesn’t work… yet.

Like we said, if you’re willing to use your precious Diamond or Pro as a test-bed for the new Android OS ROM, go ahead and download here. We’d recommend that you first read up on these threads here and here.

[Via: PPCGeeks]

  • Billy Batson

    Would ove to have the WebOs ported to the Touch Pro 2 and only pay for my cheaper discounted plan with Sprint. Will be watching to see what people do with this. Why would you do Android when WebOs beats it hands down no questions asked!!

  • nsd

    htc touch 2 can be change to android os instead of windows 6.5

    • kaka

      Really?? any wsite provide manual? really need it…

  • Naeem

    I am looking for Android for HTC Touch Diamond.
    can any one tell me the link to download above.


    • karim

      have you got anything??

  • karim

    can anyone please tell me where to download android for my htc touch diamond??
    many thanks

  • Achmad Hamdani


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