My fave Michael Jackson Choons playing on my iPhone…

Whilst writing some posts this evening/early morning, I have been listening to music – like most of the IntoMobile team when they are writing I think!

Of course, with recent events, Michael Jackson is at the front of many peoples’ minds, and I’m no exception – the man brought some amazing music that crossed boundaries, defied genres, and enriched our lives. So here, whilst I am posting, are my top 10 MJ tracks – ranked in descending order:

10: Jam (another MJ – Michael Jordan – in the video. Heavy D on rap duties!)

9: In The Closet (Naomi Campbell in video. Nuff said)

8: Who Is It (bad-ass percussion on this)

7: You Rock My World (Darkchild is a legendary producer)

6: Stranger in Moscow (underrated track – great Todd Terry remixes….)

5: Human Nature (incredibly delicate track, but superb instrumentation)

4: Billie Jean (one of the best intros to a track ever…)

3: Smooth Criminal (awesome, even if just for the Alien Ant Farm cover years later!)

2: Beat It (talk about an another awesome intro, and some hard pop lyrics!)

1: Thriller (had to be, didn’t it – but listen to the instrumentation on it, amazing for the time – and interpolated cleverly by Prodigy years later on ‘The Way It Is’ – check it out if you have 5…)

Of course, everyone has their own Top 10 – post yours in the comments below (you can get the full singles discography here at Wikipedia).

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