Accelerometers expected to penetrate 1/3 of mobile phones by 2010

apple-iphone-accelerometerAccelerometers in mobile phones weren’t anything new when the iPhone first launched, but the iPhone sure as hell made integrated G-sensors popular. So popular in fact, that just about every higher-end smartphone to hit market in recent months has some sort of integrated accelerometer hardware. Now, a new report shows that the penetration rate of accelerometers in mobile phones, not just smartphones, will likely reach the 33% mark by 2010. iSuppli says that “By next year, one out of three mobile phones shipped worldwide will include an accelerometer.”

For the record, 1 in 5 mobile phones in 2009 were equipped with G-sensors, an increase from 1 out of 11 in 2008. It’s clear that accelerometers are in higher demand, and that handset makers are meeting that demand in force.

Even if most consumers are clueless as to what an accelerometer is, iSuppli says that consumers know they want to play games via tilt-control and their screens to rotate automatically from portrait to landscape mode.

At this rate, your next free-with-contract mid-range mobile phone will likely have an integrated accelerometer. Any objections?

[Via: CellularNews]

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