It’s up! Mobile-Review’s preview of the Nokia N900 has just hit the net

Eldar just tweeted that the English version of his preview of the Nokia N900 is up, and that the Russian version will be up soon. Quite shocking, since it’s usually the Russian version going up first, and then the English version.

Anyway, read it here and enjoy the many photos and screenshots of the N900. It’s quite long so I’ll update this blog post with key quotes as I scroll down.

  • Regarding why Nokia is working with Maemo: “The market will require vertical OS, which can be applied in cellphones, communicators, laptops and MID, i.e. various devices with different architecture, productivity and so on. Tasks are absolutely different, so it turns out that the S60 can be adjusted to unexpected tasks only by means of total reconstruction.”
  • “All in all, the phone’s build quality is on par with that of the Nokia E75.”
  • “The N900’s camera is no different from that found in the Nokia N97.”
  • “The handset carries a standard 1500 mAh battery onboard. However in practice it proves to be more power-hungry than the N97.” – Correction: It looks like the N900 has a 1320 mAh battery.
  • “The smartphone is built on ARM Cortex-A8 CPU and carries 32GB of internal memory onboard, as for the rest specs, we’ll keep them to ourselves untill the announcement date.”
  • “Compared to S60, the N900’s boot time is much faster, and also take into account the fact that we played around only with its prototype, so we were prepared for occasional reboots during our quality time with it. This is something Nokia will have to work on, and I hope they’ll fix this issue in the final version of the device. Other than that, I was more than happy with how the N900 performed.”
  • “The phone’s 800×480 pixel resistive screen (pretty responsive, by the way) is great for watching videos and the kickstand mounted on the N900 only helps the experience.”
  • “The new device will hit the stores late in 2009 with the price tag of about €550 (after the announcement there can be some price corrections).”
  • Say what you will about the design, it’s very spartan and quite … well it isn’t a Nokia E71, let’s just say that. The “Designed in Finland” part tho is a direct jab at Apple and their “Designed in California” markings on the back of all their devices.
  • These screen shots makes it appear that the multitasking is very similar to what Mac users know as exposé:

  • Chris P

    Definite step in the right direction and from Eldar’s comments Im looking forward to this. so Iphone ease of use with Nokia hardware/sophistication :D. The form factor is a bit bulky though.. (however I know the important part of the preview is about the OS)

  • Thomson

    My next phone for shoore

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