Symbian and Windows Mobile losing mobile browser war to iPhone, Android and webOS


The iPhone OS is the most popular smartphone operating system for browsing the web. AdMob’s latest report will have you believe that the iPhone claims 40% of the smartphone market, up from 33% in February. While that figure isn’t necessarily true – AdMob’s numbers only represent mobile browser share within AdMob’s ad network – the report does show that consumers are browsing more using smartphones powered by the iPhone OS, Android OS and webOS. Windows Mobile and Symbian on the other hand, are losing the mobile browser war.

Breaking it down, AdMob’s has seen the Android OS pulling down 7% of mobile ads in their network, up from 2%. The webOS, which powers the new Palm Pre, is responsible for a healthy 4% of AdMob’s mobile ad impressions. The Symbian OS has lost considerable market share, dropping from a solid 43% to just 34%. Windows Mobile’s market share also took a hit with only 4% of AdMob’s mobile ads finding their way to the platform.

What’s going on? It seems that the new wave of smartphone operating systems are making it easier and more enjoyable to browse the web. Consumers are more willing to hop on the mobile web with smartphones running the new school of smartphone platforms. Traffic from the older school Symbian and Windows Phone platforms just isn’t keeping up. The trend echos a recent study that showed significant growth in the smartphone market for the iPhone, but at the cost of Windows Mobile and Symbian’s declining market share.

But, there’s still hope. Nokia plans to get serious with Symbian in a couple years and Microsoft is just about ready to take the wraps off their revamped Mobile Internet Explorer browser with the launch of Windows Mobile 6.5 on October 6. For the sake of competition, let’s hope these two industry giants can reclaim a part of their market.

[Via: AdMob] (PDF link)

  • Kevin

    Phones that go to mobile sites or hit sites with other advertisers wont’ show up in the chart.

    It only shows phones that go to sites with AdMod advertisements.

    Wake up. It’s a report intended to sell AdMod ads.

  • Cerniuk

    All things being equal, unless AdMob caters to iPhone users (or another mobile) and draws a disproportionate number of them, this is a valid statistical sample.

    What would be more interesting would be more data points over time.

    On a side note, this site is great in the iPhone browser 😉

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